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Hofesh Shechter – Barbicans

Sadler’s Well’s theatre, home to dance in London and for one week late September it is also home to Hofesh Shechter Company as they showcase a trilogy exposing different takes on intimacy, passion and the banality of love.

The opening piece ‘The Barbicans in Love’ reveals the six dancers in their most vulnerable and innocent form. Dressed all in white, they move simultaneously to an eclectic score of classic music and an electronic voice over interview between Hofesh himself and an intimidating interviewer. The conversation questions Hofesh’s take on love and its simplicity. The dancers are a unit of accuracy; they glide through the space as one moving in Shechter’s signature hunched shoulder posture and grounded movements.

However innocence is soon forgotten as the second piece begins, ‘tHE bAD’. Splattered with violent outpours of frustration from the dancers to dubstep music, this piece creates a very chaotic environment. The five dancers dressed in gold cat suits seem awkward and obstructive by the notions of love.  The sporadic structure connotes that of a confused mind. Which coincidently ties in nicely with the title ‘tHE bAD’ (read the capitals!).

The third and final piece is called ‘Two Completely Different Angles of the Same F***ing Thing’. A duet between Bruno Guillore and Winifred Burnet-Smith, this piece seems very personal and intimate. The two dancers share passionate embraces and mimic each other’s movements showing empathy for one another.

The work comes to an end as Hofesh’s voice is heard once again and all the dancers come on stage to join the duet. They form a chorus of unity, a reminder of the frustration, innocence, and passion bought by love.

For more information visit www.hofesh.co.uk

Thursday 1st October 2015 – Author – I.P. Dincwear Dancewear Team.

Matthew Bourne’s “The Car Man”

Suspense, lust, and passion are the first three words that spring to mind when describing  Matthew Bourne’s dance-tragedy The Car Man, a re imagined story of Bizet’s Carmen set to the same desirable score. Bourne’s version of this production first premiered in 2000 and 15 years on it is still as scandalous and impressive now as it was then, with audiences at the New Wimbledon Theatre pouring in to watch it on its current UK tour. It is an original story set in 1960’s America, in a rural Italian-American town ironically named ‘Harmony’. Bourne explains ‘ I was keen to create a “dance thriller”, full of plot twists and suspense. You can’t do that with a story people already know!”

The action takes place in a car mechanics garage located next to what can be imagined as the only bar for miles and where every 20-something in the neighbourhood hangs out.  The girls are dressed in capri trousers and tight sweet heart neck tops and the men in grubby jeans, converse and white t-shirts bearing some similarity to the T-Birds in the film Grease. This youth dominant community has its order disrupted when a new mechanic ‘Luca’, played by Christopher Trenfield , arrives in town to work at the garage. His charm and good looks catch the eye of most women in the gang including the garage owners wife ‘Lana’, played by Zizi Strallen, who flirts her way into a passionate love affair with Luca resulting in a tragic ending of murder and betrayal.

Strallen’s portrayal of the stunning, seductive ‘but doesn’t she know it’ Lana steals the show. Strallen’s big brown eyes tell the story, they portray such expression and focus to her character that guide the audience through her emotional journey from flirtatious barmaid to a malicious deceiver who’s  thought out actions put an innocent man in prison. Strallen dances with such grace and vigour that leaves the audience in awe of her impressively high kicks and sultry hip gestures.

The Car Man

Matthew Bourne’s internationally acclaimed dance thriller was first seen in 2000, winning the Evening Standard Award for ‘Musical Event of the Year’.

Bourne is a genius, an icon of British dance today and hailed as the UK’s most popular and successful choreographer /director. His talents lie in complementing  gesture and expression with illustrating music to tell a captivating story. Such can be seen in The Car Man. Bizet’s powerful score layered with Bourne’s expressive and emotive choreography leaves the viewer so entrapped in the storyline it is easy to forget you are sat in a theatre watching a dance performance.

Matthew Bourne’s “The Car Man” will be touring the UK until August 2015. For tickets and more information on the show visit “new-adventures

New Wimbledon Theatre, April 15th, 2015

Wednesday 22nd April 2015 – Author – I.P. Dincwear Team.


I was lucky enough to see Michael Jackson perform at Wembley in 1988 and it remains the best £30 I have ever spent – I kept the ticket!  Whatever you may think of Michael Jackson the person, Michael Jackson the performer was one of the greatest – if not the greatest – entertainers of all time.  His songs are now classics and continue to sell in their millions, plus his dancing was just indescribable – it really had to be seen to be believed.  Michael Jackson was so fast, so precise and so innovative that it seemed that you were watching something a little bit unreal.  The best example of this is, of course, his “Moonwalk”, where he literally appears to be walking forwards but is actually moving backwards.  As John Peel, the respected music critic, wrote of the show:  “I do not expect it to be equalled in my lifetime”.  (The ‘Observer’, 17/7/88).  I also doubt that I will see anything better than “Bad” – ever.

So it was with some trepidation that I went to see “Thriller” at the Lyric Theatre in the West End.  Sensibly, the Show does not provide any type of story or narrative, it simply gives the audience exactly what they came to see:  the songs and dance of Michael Jackson.  It is roughly in chronological order, especially at the beginning, starting out with the Jackson Five – and an excellent Owen Mugawa playing the young Michael – through to “Thriller” and “Invincible”.  Like the Michael Jackson Show at Wembley, “Thriller” is less a sequence of songs than a series of “scenes” – often with numbers being expertly worked together.  Each “scene” would also display a variety of the amazing costumes associated with the songs in that “scene” (often taken from the music videos).  Finally the performance was supported with an excellent, if somewhat small, live band.

The singers in the Show, fronted by Zoe Birkett, were tremendous and very hard working.  (I can tell the difference between a good and a bad singer, but cannot really distinguish, except in rare cases, between a good and a great singer…).  I knew that Zoe Birkett was a good singer from the various Shows I have seen her perform in.  What did surprise me, however, is that Zoe is also quite a decent dancer.  She certainly did not look out of place against the professional dancers supporting her.  And throughout the Show Zoe brought a huge amount of sparkle and enthusiasm to the numbers she performed.

In a top West End Show such as “Thriller”, which is in its 11th year, the dancers have to be first class or they will not be in the Show long.  The dancers were indeed excellent.  None of them can actually dance with the genius of Michael Jackson (the only person who I have seen “Moonwalk” like Jackson was Jeffrey Daniels from Shalamar) – but no one would realistically expect that.  Although not listed in the programme I recognized one of the dancers as Lauren Gore.  Lauren is one of the best female tap dancers in the Country and although there is no tap required in “Thriller”, it was great to watch a top class dancer really enjoying herself.  (Lauren was an original member of the amazing “TapCorps”). Take a look at TapCorps!

The other dancer that really impressed me was Austyn Farrell.  I had heard about Austyn from his student days at the Leicester College of Performing Arts (LCPA), where he combined a lot of potential with even more character.  This really comes across on the stage.  He is incredibly expressive and I think Austyn would have been very happy to stay in the limelight for another hour or so!  My favourite “Scene” of the evening, which began with “On the Floor” saw both Lauren and Austyn wearing Dincwear – style costumes, Lauren displaying a Kylie-type tunic with Austyn in a sparkling ‘muscle-back’ top.

It all added up to a tremendous evening of entertainment and received a standing ovation from the very full and enthusiastic audience.  My only criticism of the Show (apart from a gin and tonic costing £10 at the bar!) is that right from the beginning the cast gets the crowd involved in clapping along.  Now I am a boy who simply cannot multi-task.  I can either clap along (and concentrate on getting that right) or I can watch the Show.  For some of us it is impossible to do both!  And for that I received a frown from the multi-talented Miss Birkett!

LCPA students wearing Dincwear

The Students of the LCPA, all wearing our Dincwear clothing, will be looking to follow their alumni Austyn into the West End.”

 16th April 2014 The Dincwear Team.


“An Evening With Pasha and Katya”

Lyric Theatre – 7th April 2014

It is beginning!

As our regular followers will acknowledge, Dincwear has been arguing for a while that “Dance” is about to see a phenomenal rise in its popularity, with the very top dancers gaining the sort of recognition that we presently associate with footballers and pop stars etc.  Last week we reviewed the performance of one such example, Savion Glover, perhaps the first modern superstar of tap dancing.  This week we are reviewing the success that is “Strictly Come Dancing”.  Pasha and Katya, two of the shows professionals, plus four other top professional dancers associated with the Show (either in the UK or another Country), brought us an “Evening of Strictly” at the Lyric Theatre in London.

As it is designed to be a touring show, visiting 72 different places in the UK, the “set” was very minimal.  But the Show brought the amazing “Strictly” costumes, the announcer (the excellent Mike Newman) and of course the dance routines that we expect from “Strictly”.  It also added a few new features:  there was a Question and Answer session with the stars, a couple of very entertaining routines by the young ladies of the local “Finch Stage School” and even a bit of audience participation, with 3 ladies being invited to dance onstage with Pasha and then ‘judged’ by the applause of the audience.

And of course it was all performed in a first-class manner.  Even though I am a devoted follower of “Strictly”, I still get my Pasadobles mixed up with my Tangos, etc., but all the routines were executed as you would expect, with precision, flair and passion.  The four professional dancers who joined Pasha and Katya, (Marcella Solimeo, Ryan Hammond, James Wilson and Jasmine Takacs) were fantastic and allowed for more complex “group” routines.  In fact Dincwear has worked with the wonderful Jasmine Takacs when we launched at the “Clothes Show” in 2011.(View Jasmine with the Dincwear Dance Corps at the “Clothes Show” 2011).

I have two reflections to make on the evening.  First, it was so good that I think the audience would have appreciated a couple of extra dance numbers (the performance finished at 9:45 p.m.).  Maybe this is slightly unfair, but 2 nights prior to this I had watched Savion Glover tap dance frenetically for 90 minutes with only two brief pauses.  And I know that the dancers are capable of this.  (Jasmine Takacs danced 5/6 shows a day for 6 straight days at the “Clothes Show”, and every evening she would also go and workout for 2 hours at the Arden Hotel Gym with “Trojan” from the Gladiators!)  But of course with 72 shows to perform, I guess that they are pacing themselves…..

My second and related observation is that the stars are dancing well “within themselves”.  They are capable of even more complex routines.  This was illustrated with Pasha’s 10 second burst of solo brilliance to Ricky Martin’s “Vida Loco” that almost caused the huge number of Pasha fans (boys and girls!) to pass out!  (And throughout the whole show he doesn’t even sweat?!).  Again, I appreciate the demands of such a long tour, but the fans would have loved a bit more ….

My only outright criticism is that they didn’t select to answer my question in the Q&A:  If Pasha and Rachel Riley had been given just one more week, was Rachel improving so quickly that she could have won “Strictly” this year?!  But it was just a wonderful evening’s entertainment and I sense, that Pasha in particular, may be one of the first “Superstars of Dance” that we have been predicting in our regular Dincwear blogs.  We will leave you with a picture of Pasha, Ryan and James relaxing in their Dincwear muscle back tops.

Pasha, Ryan and James relaxing in their Dincwear

Pasha, Ryan and James relaxing in their Dincwear

 7th April 2014 The Dincwear Team.


Dincwear Dancewear November/December 2013 Newsletter.

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that we are combining November and December into a single blog.  This was mainly because we have been so busy in the run up to Christmas and a little because ‘yours truly’ has been lazy!   As the popularity of ‘Dincwear Dancewear’ grows, the number of enquiries and social media requests has just exploded.  For example, we have been delighted to supply “Rough Copy” with harem pants and harem shorts during their performances on “X-Factor”. We predict that these guys – and their fashion – will soon be enormous.

In the first two blogs we explained a little about our business and how we are expanding.  This is continuing apace, for example, with Move Dancewear offering Dincwear on its highly regarded website.  (We have also had to take on more warehouse space which means that the boss man can now drive his forklift truck from one building to another!).  Move Dancewear are very strong in the UK, Germany and France and this perfectly complements our relationship with Papillon – who are dominant in Holland and Belgium.  The final part of our distribution plan is to begin opening our own shops in the biggest Cities and concessions in selected quality retailers.  With the success of our ‘pop-up’ shop in Covent Garden, we shall shortly be announcing exciting news on both these fronts.

From the very beginning our fundamental belief has been that the interest in ‘dance’ world-wide is about to take off, with top dancers gaining the sort of recognition that we currently associate with pop stars and footballers etc.  Dincwear has actively encouraged this trend with all the money made from the clothing sales being put into dance shows.

We began in 2011 by sponsoring the MMXI Show at Sadlers Wells, the home of contemporary dance in London.  This was continued at “The Clothes Show”,  where we took a troupe of the best 16 professional dancers to perform several times a day for a week.  We added dance ‘stars’ Adam Garcia and Kimberley Wyatt to perform with our troupe at ‘Move It’ in 2012.  Many still consider the Adam Garcia ‘Move Like Jagger routine to be one of the best dance routines performed.  (It has gone from one view to 164,000 views on You Tube)  

Finally, we put on the “sold out” West End Show, “Revolution”, starring Adam and Kimberley and 20 of the best dancers in the Country, at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket in Covent Garden.

We are currently looking at several very exciting projects for this year and we continue to support exceptional dance talent such as the amazing “Tap Corps”.

Obviously as the dance industry grows, we think that Dincwear, by offering the most stylish and best quality dancewear, will continue to grow with it.  Let’s hope so!

Happy New Year!


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Dincwear’s October 2013 Newsletter

October was an incredibly busy month for us, with so much going on. It was a joy to see our new “state of the art” warehouse running so smoothly. (Have to mention that to make the manager happy!). The clothes come in, are sorted, and go out – perfect. The only problem was the mystery of the damaged forklift truck? Apparently the boss had been coming in after hours and had a small accident with the gate!

Some of us were lucky enough to go over to Holland to see the new look Papillon shops. They looked fantastic, and of course because Papillon sell all the major dance brands, it was interesting to see what everyone else is doing. We did smile, however, at the number of Papillon girls who were wearing the Dincwear Brand. After all, they can choose from all the brands available.

Papillon sponsor many dance shows and exhibitions and they kindly took us to see “Flashdance” in Amsterdam. The highlight of the show was seeing the gorgeous star, Anouk Maas, dancing to the signature tune “What a Feeling” wearing the Dincwear body suit with mesh. We felt we had really arrived in Holland!

Papillon also took us to see one of its photoshoots in which our clothes were to be featured. As Papillon sponsor the Dutch Royal Ballet they had managed to borrow Pascalle Paerel, one of its dancers, to model for the day. Let us just say that this Prima Ballerina was a real Trooper! Pascalle even sat on the top of a parked car in the middle of a busy road in November wearing very little.

Dincwear, Dancewear

We couldn’t picture Darcey Bussell doing this

The menswear was modelled by an amazing looking guy called Jason Rome and, yes, we had to censor some of your comments on Facebook!  But with respect to Pascalle and Jason, the star of the show was 10 year old Terra.  She modelled the clothes on cars, on high ledges, on the top of Jason (I think she enjoyed that bit) and was just stunning throughout.  We cannot wait to see the results of the ‘shoot’.  Our relationship with Papillon, the biggest distributor of dancewear clothing in Europe, continues to go from strength to strength, and we will shortly be announcing some very exciting news.

Back home our girls in the Dincwear Covent Garden Shop, Agnes and Fran, have enjoyed meeting all of you who came to visit us.  They have dressed up one of our mannequins in the body suit, with arm warmers, leg warmers and the snood

Dincwear, mannequin, bodysuit, snood

Have you have never seen such a sexy mannequin!It certainly gets a lot of attention and the rumour is that a security guard from the Centre has actually fallen in love with it?!  If you are in Covent Garden, go have a look and tell us what you think?  We are right next to the big Superdry Shop.

Our designers have been working on some very interesting ideas which will be arriving in the store and on the website soon.  In addition, we are busy planning dance shows, exhibitions and various photo shoots which, we hope, you will really enjoy.  For although we are, of course, a business, our aim is  to put as much back into the dance world as we can.  See you next month.