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Each Month DINCWEAR will update you on all the latest going-on’s at the world of DINCWEAR. Topics will range from Dance, Fitness, Leisure Fashion wear through to new business ventures and product launches.


Well September was certainly an interesting month! We managed to move into our new Warehouse without any major problems. However, minor problems included serious backache for all of us who helped shift the boxes, and the Warehouse manager wittering on about his new, state of the art, racking system! But it is all finished now and we even have a new forklift truck to play with.

After an extensive trial, we made our first delivery of Dincwear to the Papillon Dancewear Shops in Holland. It was very exciting to go over and meet the Papillon Team in Amsterdam and listen to all their ideas about promoting Dincwear – all in perfect English! And the icing on the cake happened when we heard that the new Theatre Production of “Flashdance” in Amsterdam had chosen Dincwear for its lead actress, Anouk Maas, to wear. You can see Anouk wearing our Split-Sleeve Hooded Body in the signature number “What a Feeling” on Youtube. Thank God it doesn’t shrink! We even got invited to the big Premiere in Amsterdam which was very glamourous. So Dincwear is now available in eight Papillon Dancewear Shops throughout Holland and will be available at other European Dancewear stores soon.

Our DINCWEAR Shop in Covent Garden continues to go from strength to strength and we often get superb dancers coming in to buy our clothing. From the world of Ballet we had the amazing Isabella Ciaravola of the French Opera House, and it seemed like the entire cast of the Boston Ballet visited us while they were performing at the Coliseum (we went to see them and they were fantastic). A special thanks to Adiarys Almeida, who was just so enthusiastic, and to Joseph Gatti. Next time you are in London, Joseph, we promise to take you to the Michael Jackson Show “Thriller”…

When you go into the shop in Covent Garden (we are right next to Superdry) don’t forget to say “hello” to Agnes and Francesca. If you are really nice to them, they may give you a free copy of “Revolution” – the DVD of our hit West End Dance Show last year with Adam Garcia. No promises though, we only have a few copies left.

During the month we were joined by the lovely Emma to look after our social media. It was unanimously decided that we would be taken more seriously if we could spell properly and put up photos and videos, etc. The boss is a bit miffed that his “Thoughts Of The Day” did not have the worldwide impact he had anticipated, but he is hiding his disappointment in a very professional manner. (and after ten such “Thoughts”, we think he has probably run out anyway!)

So what are we looking forward to in October? Well there will be a couple of new items of Dincwear being introduced, plus a few new colours of some old favourites – such as the Kangaroo Top in purple. Personally, I am looking forward to our group visit to the “Rock of Ages” show before it closes in early November. This has to be one of the funniest shows in the West End at the moment, and it actually has some of the finest dancers, such as Zizi Strallen and Scarlette Douglas, that you’ll see anywhere – and you certainly see a lot of them! Just don’t sit on the front row near the left, unless you want to be part of the show!

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