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Dincwear Occasional Blog – New Year 2019

Dincwear Occasional Blog – New Year 2019

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It is always exciting when we launch our new products. They take so much time to design, test and manufacture that it is an incredible feeling to actually see the new items arrive at the warehouse. At the end of 2018 we introduced 3 new products to our Dincwear “Pro” range: the Black Leotard, a Racer Back Vest and our 7/8 Black Leggings.


Chloe New Leotard 3 small


We had a hunch that people would love the new Black Leotard when, at the photo shoot, Strictly star Chloe Hewitt declared that “it feels like you are not actually wearing anything!”.

The Black Leotard has been designed for those dancers who have to wear a black leotard but who still want to feel and look good. The Racer Back Vest is a simple loose fitting top that can be worn over our Crop Top With Mesh or a sports bra/leotard etc. The 7/8 Black Leggings have been added to our range for those who found our Full Length Black Leggings too long. Now you have effectively 8 sizes to choose from of the best black leggings available (4 sizes of the 7/8 and 4 sizes of the Full Length Leggings).

The Dincwear Pro Range Philosophy

The Dincwear Pro Range is designed to be the “best of the best” and focuses on the core essentials for a dancer: leggings, leotards, vests and shorts. Each item is made from the highest quality fabric, in our state of the art production facilities, with the design having evolved to the point where it cannot be improved. We all have a favourite piece of clothing that we would wear every day and we hope that these “Pro” items become your favourites!

Dincwear is very much against the current love for “fast fashion” and all the waste and damage to the environment that is associated with it. Our products are made to last!!

Keep an eye on what everyone is saying about the new “Pro” range at the Dincwear Customer Comments page.

Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly was a huge success for us this season with 12 of the Pro dance stars rehearsing in Dincwear ( see our Strictly Gallery ). You can imagine that every active wear company in the Universe tries to get the Strictly stars to wear it’s clothing. So the fact that these stars choose to wear Dincwear is a massive endorsement – proof that our dance wear is simply the best.                                                                                                                                                                  Dianne Buswell wearing Dincwear& Joe Sugg


Our favourite shot of the series is of Dianne Buswell rehearsing with Joe Sugg for the first time in our signature Kylie Bodysuit – Dianne knows how to make a first impression! And we have forgiven Dianne for pinching the Dincwear Hoody that we sent to Joe. We caught Dianne wearing it on the very last rehearsal with Joe before the Final!! First and last rehearsal wear – it is our fairy tale come true!

Dincwear: Our Occasional Blog

Dincwear Pro Shorts With Mesh & Crop Top


It has certainly been an entertaining few weeks for us at Dincwear!. We launched our new Pro Shorts With Mesh and Joanne Clifton, the star of the hit show “Flashdance” (and “Strictly” winner) immediately made them the official outfit for “What A Feeling” – the anthem of the show! So now Jo dances in our new Pro Shorts – and matching Dincwear Crop Top With Mesh – 6 nights a week.

Joanne has been very kind to us over the past couple of years, often wearing our clothing and tweeting about it…. Jo even wore our Dincwear Bodysuit With Mesh for the “Flashdance” promo video.

As a small company this is invaluable to us and we are very grateful. We have no doubt that with her dancing, acting, singing and cycling skills, Jo will continue to become a bigger and bigger star…

The second big event was the opening night of the new production of “Fame”, the musical based on the iconic film and T.V series created by the legendary David de Silva. Dincwear had been asked to provide some of the dancewear for the show and we got invited up to the big Premiere in Manchester. It really is a tremendous show, with phenomenal choreography from Nick Winston, which is performed beautifully by the talented dancers. In fact after the show, David de Silva tweeted that it was the best production of “Fame” that he had ever seen – and he must have seen a few! This tweet will, of course, ensure that the ever busy Mr Winston is even more busy in the future! “Fame” is currently touring around the U.K and is really worth a visit.

Third, we went to the “Party In The Paddock” last weekend to support the amazing “DanceAid” charity. (“DanceAid” was created by Laura Wilson, a precocious 12 year old, to raise money from dance events to help underprivileged children).

Freya Rowe, dancing in DincwearDincwear is proud to be a sponsor of the “Party” this year and all the money raised from Dincwear sales at the event went to the charity. The highlight of the day was watching Ryan Jenkin’s fabulous young “iD”dancers.

We had met these dancers a few weeks before at their annual Summer Camp and had been fascinated by first, how good they were and second, how they all supported each other. It was great to watch them perform again and see that the support for each other had grown even stronger… If you are looking for a first-class training for your young dancer (aged between 10 -17), we would highly recommend having a look at Ryan and his “iD” team. It was great to see some of the older dancers, like Freya Rowe, dancing in Dincwear!!
9 Strictly Pro Dancers Wear Dincwear

At last “Strictly” is back! We are absolutely delighted that 9 of this year’s Strictly pro dance stars rehearse in Dincwear!  with 6 of the girls loving our Dincwear Pro Black Leggings (View our Gallery). When you think that these stars get offered Black Leggings from every company out there, it really is a massive compliment that they choose to wear Dincwear! And at under £39 inc delivery our Dincwear Pro Black Leggings offer much better value than either LuluLemon at £108 or Sweaty Betty at £98 – and they look and feel better too!


Dianne Buswell wearing Dincwear& Joe Sugg


It was great to see “Strictly” star Dianne Buswell wearing our Dincwear Black Kylie Bodysuit on the very first day of rehearsals with new partner Joe Sugg. As Dianne knows, it is always so important to make a great first impression!!!