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Dincwear News Post February 2014

Dincwear Dancewear News February 2014

In our last “post” we wrote about how “Dincwear” had put all the profit from its clothing sales back into the dance world through dance shows (like ‘Revolution’ and ‘MMXI’) and sponsorships etc.  This month I would like to answer the question:  What is it about Dincwear that makes it so different?  Or, why buy Dincwear rather than all the other dance brands?!

First, our styling is quite simply unique.  Once you know about Dincwear you can spot a Dincwear item a mile off due to its “look”.  This is just as well as we keep the logos on Dincwear to a minimum.  (It was made quite clear to us by dancers that they didn’t want to be “walking billboards”). However, it can be a little frustrating when a star like Perrie from “Little Mix” wears Dincwear and people don’t realize it!

 Perri From Little Mix

The second point is also one of our biggest problems.  One of the reasons that we worked with the designer, Mrs Jones, is that she has a fascinating ability to make dance clothes look good while you are moving.  This is very difficult to describe – but Dincwear actually “moves with” the person wearing it.  You will only appreciate this fully by trying our clothing on.  One of our biggest problems is that photos of our clothing do not do it justice.  Our challenge is to get people to actually try it.  The girls in the shop have told us many times that once people try on an item of Dincwear they love it.  We have also seen this at “The Clothes Show” and “Move It”.

The third factor is the excellent quality of the clothing.  We have chosen the best materials and the finest factory to produce our clothing.  And this has been proven by the extremely low level of “returns” that we receive.  Our “returns” are virtually zero (occasionally someone wants to change the size) whereas many of our competitors returns are running at 30-40%.  The problem for us is that we have to pay a lot more for this quality than other companies.  Our competitors will be buying, for example, a hoodie at £5.00 and selling it at £20 or even £25.  But with Dincwear so much more of your money actually goes on the item of clothing itself, rather than excess profits for advertising/brand building etc.  This is why we do not advertise but rely on “word of mouth” for our sales growth.

It is again for this reason that Dincwear does not do Children’s Wear.  There is no point in making a top-quality item for a child as they will outgrow it so quickly.  We are hoping that people will come to realize that spending £39.00 on a Dincwear ‘hoodie’ is much better value than spending £25 on a competitor’s ‘hoodie’, because it will last 5 times longer (and looks a lot better!).  Price is what you pay but value is what you actually get.

Our boss man has worn his hoodie every day for the last 4 years – or so it seems!  And it still looks good, even after his latest tumble on the forklift truck!