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Dincwear’s October 2013 Newsletter

October was an incredibly busy month for us, with so much going on. It was a joy to see our new “state of the art” warehouse running so smoothly. (Have to mention that to make the manager happy!). The clothes come in, are sorted, and go out – perfect. The only problem was the mystery of the damaged forklift truck? Apparently the boss had been coming in after hours and had a small accident with the gate!

Some of us were lucky enough to go over to Holland to see the new look Papillon shops. They looked fantastic, and of course because Papillon sell all the major dance brands, it was interesting to see what everyone else is doing. We did smile, however, at the number of Papillon girls who were wearing the Dincwear Brand. After all, they can choose from all the brands available.

Papillon sponsor many dance shows and exhibitions and they kindly took us to see “Flashdance” in Amsterdam. The highlight of the show was seeing the gorgeous star, Anouk Maas, dancing to the signature tune “What a Feeling” wearing the Dincwear body suit with mesh. We felt we had really arrived in Holland!

Papillon also took us to see one of its photoshoots in which our clothes were to be featured. As Papillon sponsor the Dutch Royal Ballet they had managed to borrow Pascalle Paerel, one of its dancers, to model for the day. Let us just say that this Prima Ballerina was a real Trooper! Pascalle even sat on the top of a parked car in the middle of a busy road in November wearing very little.

Dincwear, Dancewear

We couldn’t picture Darcey Bussell doing this

The menswear was modelled by an amazing looking guy called Jason Rome and, yes, we had to censor some of your comments on Facebook!  But with respect to Pascalle and Jason, the star of the show was 10 year old Terra.  She modelled the clothes on cars, on high ledges, on the top of Jason (I think she enjoyed that bit) and was just stunning throughout.  We cannot wait to see the results of the ‘shoot’.  Our relationship with Papillon, the biggest distributor of dancewear clothing in Europe, continues to go from strength to strength, and we will shortly be announcing some very exciting news.

Back home our girls in the Dincwear Covent Garden Shop, Agnes and Fran, have enjoyed meeting all of you who came to visit us.  They have dressed up one of our mannequins in the body suit, with arm warmers, leg warmers and the snood

Dincwear, mannequin, bodysuit, snood

Have you have never seen such a sexy mannequin!It certainly gets a lot of attention and the rumour is that a security guard from the Centre has actually fallen in love with it?!  If you are in Covent Garden, go have a look and tell us what you think?  We are right next to the big Superdry Shop.

Our designers have been working on some very interesting ideas which will be arriving in the store and on the website soon.  In addition, we are busy planning dance shows, exhibitions and various photo shoots which, we hope, you will really enjoy.  For although we are, of course, a business, our aim is  to put as much back into the dance world as we can.  See you next month.